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Located in the heart of Umbria, Cucina della Terra is one of the premier cooking schools in Italy where you’ll get to participate in hands-on cooking classes in our state-of-the art cucina.

You’ll satisfy your inner-foodie by completely immersing yourself in the Umbrian and Tuscan way of life.  At Cucina della Terra, you’ll have the opportunity to experience locavore living as we meet the farmers, vintners, and butchers preserving traditional methods of delivering, creating, and preparing their goods. Chef-Owner Gerri Sarnataro has built extraordinary relationships throughout the region and offers unique insight and exclusive experiences that will enhance your learning experience.

Whether you partake in our cooking classes, tailored tours, or attend one of our focused culinary programs, you’ll leave with an authentic and deeper understanding of Italian food and culture.

From our kitchen to yours, this unique cooking vacation in Italy will show you Italian cooking techniques (while sharing some of Nonna’s secrets) to create meals that promise to delight your family  and friends.


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